How we came about

a bit about us

We strive to inspire those who believe that our bodies are in sync with the earth; that natural, holistic living is not only good for our personal well-being but also the sustainability of the world.

Why use synthetic chemicals when mother nature has given us abundant natural remedies? einnoc uses all natural, unrefined ingredients with essential oils that are either distiller certified organic, wild crafted, or organically grown.

We are aware of the sustainability issue and hence we try our best to package our products with the least amount of plastic waste - using glass and paper containers.

We fully believe it's important for you to have full understanding of what you're purchasing and applying on your body - so if you have any questions or simply want to understand better, please do reach out, we encourage questions! 


basic essentials

Often today, we think we need multiple body care products for different body parts & uses, cluttering up our bathroom space with plastic bottles in the process. It doesn’t need to be so. einnoc believes in using quality natural plant-based and chemical-free materials for our basic essentials, so we not only declutter our home space and our body of chemicals, but also the earth of unwanted waste.


what are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from different parts of aromatic plants. Any essential oil can have over 100 different components that live together in a special way, creating their unique aroma and unique therapeutic effects.

Did you know that it takes approximately 150 pounds of Lavender flower heads to make one pound of Lavender oil? And a whooping 4 million jasmine blossoms to make just 1.1 pound of oil? That’s why every drop of essential oil is so potent, and often less is more.

For that reason, essential oils are often diluted, (usually 1%-10%) in a carrier oil or balm for use. Always remember that our natural resources come from the earth that we live in, we don’t need to use more than what we need and strip the earth from its beautiful self.